Privaon Oy – Finland’s Strongest certificate

Privaon Oy has earned the Finland’s Strongest platinum certificate.

  • The certificate is a sign of the company’s positive financial indicators, creditworthiness, background information and good payment behavior
  • The certificate is awarded only to the best of the best
  • Finland’s Strongest companies are pillars of the economy that strengthen and stabilize our economic life


When issuing the Finland’s Strongest certificate, the following information about the company is examined:

  • The company has information on the number of employees and turnover ratio
  • The company is active
  • The company is registered in the Prepayment Register
  • The company belongs to a VAT register

61.4% of all Finnish companies meet these conditions and are entitled to either Finland’s Strongest Platinum, Gold or Silver certificate level.

  • 35.2% of companies are entitled to the Silver certificate
  • 21.2% of companies are entitled to the Gold certificate
  • 3% of companies are entitled to the Platinum certificate