Other Data Protection Projects

We customize data protection solutions that fit the needs of organizations. For example, Privaon’s customized data protection consulting is suitable for solving the most demanding data protection challenges in business.

Other Data Protection Projects

Customized data protection consulting

Organizations face different challenges related to data protection every day. Whether these challenges are managing data requests, preparing and updating data protection documents such as cookie policy, data protection statement or internal guidelines, or developing a comprehensive data protection program, Privaon offers your organization a comprehensive selection of data protection specialists, from different fields and years of experience working on numerous data protection projects.

Privaon has years of experience in the data protection field. Our specialists have worked in short-term GDPR-related projects as well as in continuous long-term data protection projects. Our experience fits from the data protection challenges of agile start-ups to the more comprehensive needs of international organizations. We work smoothly both on the private and public side.

Other Data Protection Projects

Service Deployment Process

Examples of Privaon’s data protection advisory services

  • Development of the consent system
  • Implementation of built-in data protection (Privacy by Design).
  • Development of a data protection program
  • Finding out the responsiveness to react to data protection violations (Privacy Incident Response).

Key attributes

  • an experienced team of specialists that can be flexibly assigned
  • clear pricing based on time and produced material
  • the service level can be adjusted according to the required expertise
  • is based on the best practices of data protection


Data protection consulting is always customised to suit your organization’s situation.


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