We help our customers with challenges related to data protection and meeting the requirements of general data protection regulations.


Data protection as service solution

Privaon helps its customers with data protection-related challenges and offers work tools and services to implement the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. We believe that data protection is not an obstacle to business, but a competitive advantage when it is implemented correctly. For this reason, we offer services that effectively take into account both the needs arising from the customer’s business and the requirements arising from legislation. We call this data protection as a service.


Managed Services

DPO as a Service

Our most comprehensive data protection service, with an outsourced, GDPR compliant data protection officer. We solve your data protection challenges cost-effectively.

Data Protection Support

Privaon’s Data Protection Support is a managed service that allows your organisation to flexibly outsource daily data protection and privacy support.

Interim DPO

The Interim DPO focuses on supporting the organization in the operational tasks of the data protection officer that require daily attention.




With the help of the DPO365 service, you can manage your work successfully. With it, you ensure that your organization’s data protection matters are always in order.


e-Learnings offer an inspiring and interactive way to train the entire staff.

DPO Academy

The DPO Academy is a practical data protection training program.



Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

A workshop-based consulting service facilitated by Privaon, where data protection experts offer practical help and advice in preparing an impact assessment.


With a data protection healthcheck, you can find out the current status of the organization’s data protection in a cost-effective way. With a data protection healthcheck, you get an overview of the organization’s data protection status.

Balancing test

The balance test is a key part of implementing compliant processing of personal data.

Impact assessment of international data transfers

The impact assessment for data transfers as a service supports your organization in managing its obligations related to international data transfers.



Records of Processing Activities

Records of Processing Activities as a Service is a workshop-based solution for creating a valid and easily maintainable record of processing activities.

Customized data protection trainings

Customized data protection trainings

Other Data Protection Projects

We customize data protection solutions that fit the needs of organizations. For example, Privaon’s customized data protection consulting is suitable for solving the most demanding data protection challenges in business.