e-Learnings offer an inspiring and interactive way to train the entire staff.


Privaon’s GDPR e-Learning trainings to train your entire staff.

GDPR e-Learning training is an inspiring and cost-effective way to educate your entire staff. Understanding of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and privacy is essential for the success of any organisation, because Privacy awareness is an essential component of privacy and data protection implementation. Data protection training is an efficient way to demonstrate that actions have been taken to comply with applicable regulation, e.g. privacy training is an important element of GDPR compliance.


Content & Goal

Privaon’s GDPR e-Learning training provides an inspiring and interactive way to train your entire staff or relevant focus groups requiring an introduction to GDPR. The training consists of lectures, videos and interactive exercises. The learning package comprises three modules:
  • Fundamentals of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Principles and Rights
  • Obligations

Basic information

  • Level of difficulty: Beginner
  • Language of training: English and Finnish (inquire for other languages)
  • Target group: Organisation’s employees or focus groups
  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour
  • Goal: Provide an overview and basic understanding of privacy, data protection and GDPR



Benefits to employees –
After completing the e-Learning modules, employees will have:

An understanding of the basics of the GDPR, its principles and rights
Knowledge of the obligations your organisation needs to consider concerning GDPR and its implications
An idea of how the implementation of the GDPR can affect your organisation’s internal processes
Increased awareness of data protection and the required approach
Basic understanding of privacy, data protection and GDPR

Benefits to organization:

Privacy awareness is an essential component of privacy and data protection implementation
e-Learning is an easy andquick way to educate your entire staff or selected focus groups Increased awareness ensures successful data protection implementation
Understanding the basics of data protection is a key factor for an organization’s competitiveness
By training staff, you demonstrate GDPR compliance
Data protection risks decrease as staff awareness increases
An easy, fast and cost-effective way to train the entire staff


More information about the trainings

GDPR online training is also available as a SCORM package.

We offer the following ready-made online training courses:

  • Data Protection Basics (GDPR)
  • Data protection in Human Resources
  • Data protection for the event organizer
  • Data protection in customer service
  • and DPOAcademy- Data Protection training program

Privaon also offers customized trainings.

Contact us and we will evaluate the training that best suits you.