Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping

More than a privacy assessment.

Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping is not like any audit or privacy assessment. We pursue to simulate and assess your capabilities in real life situations where your organisation implements requirements of the GDPR in a user-friendly manner.

We assess your organisation’s awareness and know-how, processes, abilities to comply with data protection principles and implement data subject’s rights. The service includes a stress-test of data protection reactiveness, e.g. in a personal data breach situation. Privacy and data protection affect the way consumer’s build trust towards the organisation, which is why we assess how user experience can be improved by affecting communication on privacy and data protection.

Goal of Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping is to identify improvement areas, reinforce gaps and duplicate best practices.

Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping | Content and Key Attributes

Privaon’s Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping especially focuses on external privacy and data protection communication and the affects on user experience. The assessment is always tailored based on the situation and needs of the customer.

The service focuses on assessing for example the following aspects:

  • Understandability of data processing activities
  • Compliance of processes and effect on user experience
  • Implementing data subject’s rights
  • Handling personal data access requests
  • Ability to take into consideration changes in privacy preferences
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Handling data portability requests
  • Handling personal data breaches
  • Communication with supervisory authorities

Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping | Process

Privaon’s experienced privacy specialists identify the target of the assessment, plan the execution and key performance indicators in cooperation with the customer.

The service includes the following elements:

  1. Specialist assessment
    • Compliance requirements in processes
    • Compliance requirements in training and awareness
    • Compliance requirements in communication
  2. Customer assessment
    • Evaluation of physical elements, e.g. platform or web shop
    • Evaluation of customer actions
    • Evaluation of visible employee actions
  1. Final report with implications and recommendations
  2. Correcting measures

Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping | Benefits

Unlike traditional audit and privacy assessments, Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping benefits your organisation in the following ways:

  • Identifying privacy and data protection factors affecting user experience
  • Amplifying user experience factors
  • Optimising procedures and processes
  • Enhancing awareness and know-how of your organisation’s personnel
  • Ability to work efficiently in a stress-situation, like personal data breach

Privacy is not an obstacle for business but a competitive advantage when implemented correctly.

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