Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping

Advanced testing of complaint and crises response capabilities.

The Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping service assesses the complaint and crises responsiveness capability of your organisation. Trained privacy professionals file customer requests or complaints to analyse accessibility, responses and customer services. Mystery Shopping uncovers responsiveness liabilities, customer communication problems and compliance risks as well as suggests solutions for improvements.

Key features

Privaon’s Mystery Shopping is a custom-made risk and response assessment service targeting specific aspects of privacy and data protection communications. Mystery Shopping can include for example:

  • Customer access to information requests
  • Consent withdrawals
  • Customer complaints
  • Data portability request
  • Privacy and security breaches
  • Requests by Data Protection Authorities

Mystery Shopping analyses infrastructure, accessibility and responsiveness based on which it points out potential problems and risk areas.


  • The Privacy and Data Protection Mystery Shopping is an efficient tool in unveiling risks and problems in all areas of communications and responsiveness.
  • It ensures the existence of efficient complaint processes and the responsiveness capability of your organisation.
  • It helps mitigate risks and understand liabilities.
  • In connection with Privacy Training, Mystery Shopping can increase privacy awareness throughout your organisation.

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