Privacy Consultancy

We offer Privacy Consultancy services to help your organisation overcome privacy and data protection challenges. The services can be customised for various demanding business needs.

Here’s an example of consultancy project:


Data Protection Program Development

The Data Protection Program is a service package which includes privacy and data protection services on a large scale and for organisation-specific needs. A Data Protection Program analyses the risks related to existing and potential data processing operations and develops custom-made privacy and data protection solutions for an entire organisation and its products and services.

The Privaon Privacy Program Development assists your organisation with the development of a privacy and data protection program for a product line, branch or an entire organisation. This includes, for example, the mapping of data processes and data locations and the classification of data. It also includes data security, access control and data retention as well as staff privacy training, privacy risk assessments and the creation of data transfer rules.  The Data Protection and Privacy Program offers a holistic solution for privacy and data protection implementation on all levels.

Records of Processing Activities as a Service

Records of Processing Activities as a Service is a workshop-based solution for creating a valid and easily maintainable record of processing activities.