Data Protection Training

Data protection training for all knowledge levels and audiences.

Overview | Data Protection Training  

We offer Data Protection Training from basic to advanced level depending on your target group’s privacy knowledge and skill level. Privacy awareness and knowledge are essential components of privacy and data protection implementation. Also, data protection is an elemental part of success of any organisation.

Ensuring personnel – including key-personnel –  are up-to-date regarding data protection promotes privacy awareness and appropriate privacy practices. Data protection training is also an efficient way to demonstrate that actions have been taken to comply with applicable regulation, e.g. privacy training is an important element of GDPR compliance.

Options for Training

  • Level of difficulty: can be modified according to your organisation’s needs from basic to advanced/expert level
  • Language options: English and Finnish (inquire for other languages)
  • Options: e.g. classroom training, workshop, lecture, seminar and/or online course.
  • Data Protection Trainings meet guidelines and recommendations given by Data Protection Authorities, and they are based on current privacy legislations.


  • Privacy awareness is an essential component of privacy and data protection implementation
  • Understanding privacy and data protection regulation and other relevant legislation is essential for the success of any organisation
  • The risks of non-compliance reduce significantly
  • Privacy training enhance your organisation’s privacy culture
  • Training and e-Learning courses can be adjusted to specific needs

Other Privacy Training

We also offer a flexible and cost-effective GDPR e-Learning and other privacy services. Read from our blog best practices in privacy training.