Managed Services and Consultancy

A wide variety of managed services and tailored consultancy ensures quality compliance and cost-efficiency.

Privacy consulting

Privaon offers Managed Service Solutions as well as highly customized privacy consulting to help your organization overcome privacy and data protection challenges. Managed Services is a model of proactively outsourcing the day-to-day business processes, organizational functions and management responsibilities to a third party managed service provider (MSP). Data Protection Managed Services can help companies overcome their acute privacy challenges.

Managed Data Protection solutions allow companies to access highly demanded privacy professionals as well as tools and technology, accelerate the implementation of data protection principles in the organisation and ensure compliance with regulation in a way that is consistent in terms of quality and cost. Privaon can also customise its privacy services for various demanding businesss needs.

Examples of Privaon’s Managed Services Solutions and Consultancy:

  • Consent-Framework creation
  • Privacy by Design implementation
  • Privacy Program creation
  • Privacy Incident Response

Key features

  • Experienced expert team enabling flexible allocation to different business areas
  • Clear material- and time-based pricing scheme
  • Adjustable service levels based on expertise required
  • Based on best practices in data protection


Custom-created privacy and data protection solutions allow for the best available flexibility and targeted solutions. It also enables alleviating the workload of in-house experts by handling repetitive requests in a standardized and clearly defined manner.