Data Protection Officer (DPO) Support

Privaon’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) Support is a managed service that offers DPO consulting and support to your in-house DPO or privacy manager.

Overview DPO Support

Privaon’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) Support allows you to acquire external DPO consulting and privacy support to your in-house DPO or privacy manager. DPO Support brings structure and ownership to the organisation’s privacy function by bringing our experienced privacy team in your disposal.


DPO Support service is beneficial in many ways, for example it

  • Controls your business activities and acquires support flexibly as you need
  • Gives ownership and structure to privacy & data protection activities
  • Engages an experienced team of privacy specialists with wide-range expertise in data protection activities in various fields
  • Improves the level of GDPR compliance

Organisation benefits from outsourcing in many situations, e.g.

  • Limited resources to carry out DPO tasks
  • Limited capabilities to reach a high-quality level of data protection activities
  • Unable to completely outsource DPO or privacy manager role.

Content and Activities

DPO Support service can assist your in-house DPO or privacy manager. Privaon’s privacy team assists with performing identified privacy tasks, as well as ongoing questions and service requests.

DPO Support can include e.g.

  • ongoing DPO consulting
  • review service requests (daily privacy-related questions)
  • managing end-users requests (e.g. data requests).

Also, DPO support can help with planning and organising activities, like training, reviews, reporting and assessments.

Other Services

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