Managed Data Protection – White paper

One of the fastest growing industries

Data protection is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s network society. Personal data is used increasingly to derive business insights and to improve services. Simultaneously, organizations involved in personal data processing face challenges of increasing customer demands and decreased trust, changing regulation, lack of tools, best practices as well as experts, and implementation of privacy programs.

Until now, data protection services offering has mostly been dominated by advisory services provided by a handful of law firms and consultants. However, for many organizations, a managed service model could actually provide a solution more appropriate than consulting.

Managed services

Managed services is a model of proactive outsourcing of day-to-day business processes, organizational functions and management responsibilities to a third party managed service provider (MSP). Using managed services allows organization to offload operations such as IT system management, security or data storage to the MSP that hosts and manages the outsourced services of systems on behalf of the organization. Benefits of outsourcing through managed service model include acquiring expertise skills and competencies, increased flexibility, access to newest technology, acceleration of transformation, increased risk mitigation and reduced costs.

Privaon provides a set of solutions to help overcome practical privacy challenges organization face in their operations. New managed services solutions are developed and tested continuously, and the following services have been formed around the best practices in data protection.

Five managed services solutions to tackle your organization’s privacy challenges:

  • PIA Workshop Facilitation
  • Data Inventory
  • Privacy Request Management
  • Privacy Review
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)

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