Cost Sharing App Scrooge

Respecting Privacy Rights in Cost Sharing

Scrooge is a Finnish company whose mission is to create a solution that makes sure friends don’t need to talk about money. Scrooge`s solution is a ‘Scrooge’ mobile application. Next time you pay the bill for the whole group you just open the application, insert the numbers – tap – and the costs goes to cloud for all participants to see.


Dealing with financial transactions is sensitive data for many, and trusting financial transactions to a company is always something that can raise privacy concerns among consumers. Prudent data practices are always a challenge for the data controller. In the environment where regulatory requirements towards consumer privacy are ever increasing, privacy is a challenge for any company, and it is especially for a company (yet) to have delegated resources for privacy management.


Privaon was chosen as the key facilitator for conducting the Privacy Impact Assessment for its automated PIA-tool and world`s leading privacy experts. The outcome gave a big boost for Scrooge`s privacy policy and Privaon`s next tool release.

Years of privacy expertise summarized into an effective workshops and a handy application”, says Samu Saastamoinen, CEO of Scrooge.

Scrooge used PIA as a software to asses privacy risks and measure legal compliance of the service. The first Privacy Impact Assessment was carried out as a workshop facilitated by Privaon experts to discover the most meaningful corrective activities to improve the personal data processing at Scrooge.

Instant result

After scheduling the workshop, Privaon`s experts revised Scrooge`s app. During the workshop essential information about the app´s functions were gathered, possible deficiencies of processing personal data recognized and corrective measures assigned to people in charge of the findings.

As an outcome of the analyse, customer immediately received a report, where the findings and metrics were instantly ready for usage. After this PIA-tool is perfect for the follow-up of the assigned tasks.

Based on the findings from the workshop Scrooge immediately received evidence about the completed PIA. 24 hours from start to the delivery of the report.