Privacy Ecosystem Map

Apr 13, 2016

Privaon recognized as a company shaping the future of data privacy

An ecosystem is a community of different players. Privacy ecosystem includes players from regulators to services providers, from law firms to technology companies. This ecosystem has been changing rapidly as new significant digital services are introduced, new privacy regulations are being defined, and privacy management & engineering are getting more and more mature areas.


In order to better understand the ecosystem, TRUSTe has developed the Privacy Ecosystem Map. This ecosystem map organizes over 100 players in the privacy space into three major categories:

  • Regulations and Guidelines
  • Business Resources
  • Consumer Tools.

The map is being continuously updated as the ecosystem keeps changing.

Privacy Ecosystem Map, March 2016 (source: TRUSTe)

Privacy Ecosystem Map, March 2016 (source: TRUSTe)

Privaon is proud to be present in this ecosystem map since 2015 as an European solution provider. We are currently noted as a significant player in Business Solutions – Technology / Assessment Management category. Our goal is to grow to be a more significant player in this category and to expand towards Risk Assessment category. Both, assessment management and risk management, belong to data privacy management. TRUSTe foresees in its blog that “It’s likely the groups and agencies involved in data privacy management will continue to expand and change in the near future as the IoT market grows, EU data protection legislation evolves, business investment in data breach prevention increases, and consumer attitudes shift.”. This is exactly how we see it as well. Or to be more precise, how we feel it as well: we are getting new customers on a weekly basis. Customers are the best evidence and feedback that the things that you think matter, are really important ones. A recognition at a great ecosystem map, of course, supports this as well.
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